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Certified Senders Alliance: March 20th, Cologne Germany

This week, Port25 Solutions, Inc will sponsor the Certified Senders Alliance summit in Cologne Germany for a one day event, held on March 20th.  The Certified Senders Alliance helps senders become whitelisted mainly in the UK and Europe.  It’s  roll is to improve the quality of outbound email and ensure that senders who are in compliance have the privilege of obtaining higher inbox placement rates through various ISPs.

There are conditions to participate with the Certified Senders Alliance.  High volume senders first apply to be accepted on the centrally managed whitelist and fulfill the criteria set forth by the Anti-Spam Task Force and the German Direct Marketing Department.  Getting on this list does not necessarily guarantee delivery of emails to the inbox, but provides ISPs additional transparency.  To become whitelisted, senders must adhere to criteria in the area’s of compliance, consent, strength of network security, platform stability, disclosure of full IP ranges, obfuscation of required header information and technically sound and secure sending configuration of outbound servers-among many other requirements.

Maarten Oelering from Postmastery and I will be there to visit with our ESP network from Europe and around the world.  We’ll be answering a few questions in the afternoon on May 20th.  Looking forward to seeing you next week at the Certified Senders Alliance.

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