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Fred Tabsharani

By port25admin

Cloud based SMTP provider MessageGears selects PowerMTA

Another Cloud-Based SMTP relay provider has joined the Por25 Solutions, Inc., network.  MessageGears today announced it’s integration with PowerMTA, which provides email service solutions to help drive inbox deliverability.  The SMTP Relay allows you to send email through MessageGears as if it were a standard SMTP server. You can send email through their SMTP service directly from your own application, or you can configure your local SMTP server to deliver email through their service. This second option allows for easy integration while still providing deliverability and bounce metrics, including complaints, and open tracking features provided by their Web Service APIs.

Last year we penned a blog post on why cloud-based email relay services have been slowly drifting towards PoweMTA.  Today we’re happy to announce that MessageGears among other’s such as PostMark, SenderSuite, Teneo, and RelayCloud move towards PowerMTA to manage email infrastructure in the cloud.

PowerMTA™ offers a buffer between the message creation application and cloud delivery service, as it seamlessly handles network congestion/remote latency, retries, etc.  It has built-in support for the latest and most widely used authentication protocols and has a guaranteed authentic setting.   When interfacing with PowerMTA™, there is no need to develop around a proprietary service provider’s interface.  Instead, PowerMTA™ uses the universally accepted and ubiquitous SMTP interface.  And, allows sites to pre-generate messages in advance and then have them delivered to the service provider of choice behind the scenes, when desired.

Welcome aboard MessageGears.

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