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Fred Tabsharani

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What to expect from the Message Systems buyout of Port25

This is a brief post before we convene at the 33rd Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group conference held in San Francisco this coming week. Certainly, each one of these talking points needs a detailed post of their own, which will be forthcoming.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at #m3aawg.

With the acquisition of Port25, ESPs and Enterprises will inherit the ability to engage with the most comprehensive messaging product line on the market today.

For customers who want on-premise messaging software, they will be able to choose from the easy to use and highly reliable PowerMTA™ (both standard and enterprise editions) and the ultra-scalable Momentum which is capable of sending billions of messages a day for the largest senders in the world. For those who don’t want to run their own hardware and messaging operations, Message Systems offers cloud-based services with SparkPost and SparkPost Elite which will allow a one-of-a-kind user experience for any sized digital sender. Agencies today, that already deploy PowerMTA or Momentum will be able to offer multi-dimensional hybrid digital messaging solutions to some or it’s entire customer base.

Additionally, with this acquisition, Message Systems makes huge advances into international markets offering global resellers of PowerMTA unparalleled expansion opportunities and unmatched support, enriching sending environments worldwide. This was the next logical step for Message Systems, to make headway internationally. Now with a globally recognized brand like PowerMTA, it is able to formally introduce it’s full product line to this $1B-2B addressable market.

The goal for Message Systems is simple. It is to perpetually develop and provide the most cohesive messaging technology stack that balances and compliments your customer requirements at every stage of their messaging journey. Whether your a startup with aspirations to scale or a large agency that wants to offer and deploy a hybrid solution, Message Systems becomes the most sensible provider with the most options for messaging.

Note: Nothing will change for the foreseeable future of both Port25 and Message Systems companies. It’s business as usual. Port25 now becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Message Systems, and there are no plans to merge the product lines or to dissolve PowerMTA. In fact development of the PowerMTA product line will be even more robust.

It’s also important that we recognize and appreciate the leadership team of both companies that worked tirelessly to put this deal together. Collectively, Message Systems and Port25 have will house the brightest minds in the digital message space, from, developers and engineers to CEOs and Co-founders. This is truly a extraordinary achievement for Message Systems and sets the stage for a vibrant future for it’s entire product line. Digital Messaging aficionados can now rejoice.

This post was inspired by more than 170 employees at both Message Systems and Port25

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