An open source alternative to Splunk that gained popularity quickly. Can be used with Logstash to process logs and Kibana to create dashboards. Good fit for the more “developer minded”.
Common on-premise email marketing front-end that is used by businesses and small ESPs. The product is not actively maintained but is open for customization. Some PowerMTA specific add-ons are available on the market.
Also an on-premise email marketing front-end that is often used with PowerMTA. It has some specific PowerMTA integration features.
Cloud based email marketing front-end that works with many email delivery providers, and also with on-premise MTAs. By using Ongage and PowerMTA senders created a hybrid email platform that is both feature rich and cost effective.
Email delivery monitoring solution designed for PowerMTA. Based on Google Cloud Platform it scales from small senders to the largest ESPs at zero operational effort.
Enterprise quality solution for analyzing unstructured data from IT systems. Works well with CSV accounting data from PowerMTA. A proven product but can become pricy for large volumes of data.

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