Migrate to a Cloud Infrastructure

Maybe the cloud is the future of enterprise email, but you have developed workflows and business rules for your email operation you don’t want to abandon, not to mention investment in equipment and personnel. Yet you have taken a long, hard look at migrating to a cloud-based solution. Why choose if you can use both?

A cloud-based addition to your digital messaging arsenal like SparkPost Enterprise can eliminate maintenance headaches while deliverability optimization becomes the responsibility of experts. Use it to provide additional sending capacity, onboard new customers more rapidly, accelerate delivery of high-priority message streams, ensure redundancy and minimize latency.


Dedicated Sending Environment

  • Your own fire-walled environment that dynamically scales to ensure availability and capacity.
  • Dedicated IP addresses for full control over your mailstreams.
  • Eliminate or black marks on your reputation caused by sharing infrastructure with other senders.

White Glove Service

  • We set-up and configure the service to meet your requirements.
  • Dedicated Technical Account Manager provides reviews and advice, plus dedicated support staff charged with 24×7 monitoring of your service.
  • Deliverability services and ISP relations.


Guaranteed Performance

  • Proven highest delivery rates and fastest service in the industry.
  • Guaranteed peak sending rates and 99.9% uptime SLAs.


  • No more budget-busting CPM pricing; you pay only for what you send.
  • No markups for creative, targeting or other services you don’t use.

Mobile and Cross-Channel

  • Add, track and engage with mobile text messaging and push notifications.

Greater revenue, lower costs, fewer headaches?
There’s a term for that: it’s a win-win-win.

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