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New Case Study: Transparent Deliverability paves way for UK ESP CommunicatorCorp


New Case Study:  March 12, 2012 UK ESP CommunicatorCorp

Below is an excerpt from Steve Henderson deliverability manager at CommunicatorCorp. It is the latest in our series of Case Studies released today.  It embellishes on a tactic that marketing automation companies, ESPs and Enterprises, should continue to respond transparently to deliverability data.  This will further embrace investments made to by the C-Suite to the email channel as continued synergies between IT and Marketing departments mature.

“The Communicator Response Engine shows which mailing lists are generating a good or bad reputation and why.  Which segments of data are more responsive than others and why.  All this relies on the sophistication and agility of PowerMTA.  PowerMTA is integrated into our unique delivery -focused approach to email messaging.  PowerMTA allows the delivery team to respond to delivery issues in real-time, provides our clients with the qualitative and quantitative information they need to make informed business decisions and provides our network to keep its promise of delivery beyond expectation.”

Choosing email infrastructure shouldn’t be arduous.  There are many different types of DSPs (Delivery Service Providers) in our industry universe.   Some have full service solutions and some are cloud-based.  The goal for you as the CTO, CIO of a growing enterprise is this, rather than requiring your business to shift resources to fit the MTAs capabilities, the MTA should revolve around your current and future business requirements.

Read the full Case Study here.



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