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Fred Tabsharani

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PowerMTA Global Resellers

Through the Port25 Global Reseller Network, you can evaluate and purchase PowerMTA through several certified vendors.  Below is a list of a few vendors that have established themselves in the delivery space to localize administration and support.  If your organization is located in these parts of the world, reach out to these vendors for their intimate knowledge of PowerMTA. Find the one in your region and contact them:

PostMastery, The Netherlands

“Postmastery is an E-mail Systems Integrator based in the Netherlands.   As experts in email delivery, they help senders create optimal infrastructure and practices for email marketing and transactional email applications. Postmastery has had a long relationship with Port25, and have worked with their PowerMTA software on a daily basis since 2003.  Postmastery partners with Port25 providing licenses, integration services, local support and ongoing monitoring & optimization services for PowerMTA.  Their client base includes Email Service Providers (ESP’s), marketing agencies and other professional senders. Even though they are based in Amsterdam, they have clients all over the world. In many cases their work is performed on a remote basis but we also visit clients on-site throughout Europe. For additional information about Postmastery, email info@postmastery.com.  You can read more about their services here:

DeliverNow, France

DeliverNow provides independent deliverability services in based in France. They work for companies who send or plan to send email in-house, helping them find adapted solutions and ensuring their emails are properly delivered into the inbox. But as deliverability involves a shared responsability between technical, marketing and content of email, we also help companies to organize deliverability functions into their internal process.  DeliverNow is also deeply involved in the antispam war and contributes to Signal Spam NPO in France.”  Jerome Gays works closely with your PowerMTA requirements and his site will be ready next month.  For additional information about DeliverNow services, email contact@delivernow.eu.

Radicasys, China

Based in China, Radicasys has four locations to help serve your PowerMTA requirements.  With locations in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou, along with Hong Kong, Radicasys is your point of contact in this region.  Learn more about Radicasys here:  www.radicasys.com.  If you would like to become a certified reseller of PowerMTA and it’s associated services such as installation, administration, configuration and support please contact Port25 Solutions.

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