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Fred Tabsharani

By port25admin

PowerMTA Licensing: Standard vs. Enterprise

When it comes to outbound sending, PowerMTA is the proven choice among today’s most demanding senders.  Email Service Providers, Marketing Automation Companies and Enterprises.  Sometimes customers ask us what the main differences are between our offerings.  Standard vs. Enterprise?  Here is a quick breakdown and some food for thought before you choose.  First off, PowerMTA runs equally well on Windows, Linux, and Sun Sparc.

Secondly, PowerMTA licensing is offered in 2 performance versions – Standard (100K+/- deliveries per hour) or Enterprise (capable of over 1 million+ messages per hour).  In actuality, the enterprise model is capable of sending as much mail as the ISPs allow.   The only other difference between the Standard and Enterprise version is that the Standard License Key limits the number of outbound simultaneous connections to 200.  Our clients share that they can send between 80K – 120K messages per hour on a Standard license.  Additionally, clients have an option of upgrading to an Enterprise license at any time. Upgrading is as simple as inputting a new license key.  If you need help sizing to determine which version is right for you, click here for a fully featured evaluation and we’ll help get you up and running.


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