PowerMTA™ ManagementConsole

Effortless Node Management

The PowerMTA™ Management Console (PMC) is a sophisticated command center for reporting, monitoring and configuring multiple PowerMTA™ nodes. By distributing the workload across multiple instances of PowerMTA™ servers and configuring settings from a single interface, you simplify management of the entire node group.

Centralized control of performance parameters permits you to efficiently identify threats and enhance platform reliability. This enables PowerMTA™ to drastically improve deliverability, preserve IP reputation and mitigate real-time performance problems. Approximately ten nodes processing 1M messages per hour can be concurrently registered to a PowerMTA™ Management Console if deployed on hardware that meets recommended specifications.

Our web-based SMTP configuration simplifies operations, making all of PowerMTA™’s high-end features more accessible. The PMC must be downloaded and installed separately and requires a separate license activation key.

  • Dashboard

  • Monitoring – General Status

  • Monitoring – Node Summary

  • Monitoring – Domains

  • Monitoring – VirtualMTAs

  • Monitoring – Queue Detail

  • Monitoring – Queue Detail – Recipient Events

  • Reporting High Level Summary

  • Reporting – Domains – Hourly – Breakdown

  • Reporting – Bounces – Top Domain Breakdown

  • Reporting – Node – Hourly Breakdown

  • Reporting – Delivery Time – Cumulative Deliveries Over Time

  • Configuration – Outbound Domains -Edit

  • Configuration – Logging and Accounting – Bounce Categories

  • Configuration – Advanced – Dummy SMTP

  • Node Management

  • PowerMTA™ Commands


Each node has a different configuration


Selected nodes are monitoredby the PMC Interface


Selected nodes report tothe PMC Interface

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SMTP Monitoring

Monitoring offers node summary information in aggregate and on a per-node basis for easy comparison. Detailed real-time monitoring and short-term reporting information is available on all key data points. Configuration tabs streamline configuration of the parameter being monitored, while an actions tab allows running of various commands (pause, delete, etc.) from within the console.


Active – Outbound Connections

SMTP Reporting

The PowerMTA™ Management Console reporting facility offers database-driven, detailed, historical reporting of key delivery and bounce data across a variety of filters for further customization and analysis. An export of report data is also available for those seeking to store outputs separately. Below are a few examples of the detailed reports you will find in the PowerMTA™ Management Console:

SMTP Configuration

The dashboard in the PowerMTA™ Management Console is the home page and provides a central window into essential, real-time, top-level delivery and bounce information, covering both monitoring and short-term reporting data across selected PowerMTA™ instances. The web-based SMTP configuration simplifies operations, making all of the high-end features and options more accessible.

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