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Fred Tabsharani

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The Top Four Email Deliverability Job Opportunities Right Now

Freshly back from the MAAWG conference in San Francisco this week, I’ve learned some valuable lessons.  The first is that you don’t begin a MAAWG night out with tequila shots during dinner.  I’ve learned that evenings such as these seemingly never end.  To make things even more interesting, most of the colleagues who participated had more than one tequila shot, which means that the evening is only preserved through hazy memories and photos that will remain in lockdown mode.  Thankfully, in addition to these “life lessons,” I also learned about a handful of potentially thrilling job openings while at MAAWG.  These are such stellar opportunities that I decided (once I had my wits about me again) that they deserve their own blog post.  So, moving on to the subject at hand…J


Amazon is also searching for a deliverability manager.   As anyone who has met or worked with Chris Wheeler undoubtedly knows, he is one of most respected senders in the world.  Amazon specifically seeks someone who is both technical (can mine logs, knows basic scripting and/or SQL, has a clue about MTA configurations) and knows about email in general.  Amazon is willing to bend on the latter, but the former skill set is required.  In this position, Chris envisions an SDE who wants to break out into a larger role through some specific training in deliverability.  This opportunity is based in Seattle.  Working with Chris is a remarkable resume builder for anyone aspiring to climb the ladder in the deliverability industry.  Here is the link to follow.

Blue Hornet

The delivery team at Blue Hornet is in flux right now.  Stephen Blomeyer, who currently heads up Blue Hornets delivery platform, is completely overwhelmed.  Blue Hornet is one of the leading ESPs in our universe, sending over 1.5 billion emails per month.  However, as of late they have lost several people on their delivery team to Lyris and other ESPs, and are seeking replacements.  I think the opportunity is ripe to work with Blue Hornet and would be an invaluable experience.  So, now is most definitely the time.  I personally know Jeremy Swift, who was one of the founders at Blue Hornet, and have nothing but good thoughts when I think of him.  Anyone who is looking for a fantastic opportunity should consider Blue Hornet, and strike while the iron is hot!


The reason why I added ReturnPath to the mix here is because they continue to scale effectively.  Given that the readership of this blog is also international, and that ReturnPath has been scaling at a remarkable rate, their team would probably be open to speaking with any experienced and/or aspiring delivery person.  I spoke with Brian Westnedge and George Bilbrey this week and, according to Brian, they offer options to all new employees.  If and when ReturnPath goes public, they will have a successful IPO.  If ReturnPath’s commitment to effective scaling appeals to you, this could be an excellent time to get your foot in the door.


We always hear great things about Responsys.  For proof, just look at the archive to this blog!  I wrote last year about a blue print for success if you are an ESP, and mentioned Responsys as exemplary.  Additionally, I was lucky enough to speak with Dan Springer, CEO of Responsys, a few weeks back.  What I gathered from him is that he makes astute hires and sets them up for success, inspiring them to perform at their optimal levels.  They are a public company and finding a way into this organization should create good dividends for any hardworking employee.  Here is the newest link to positions that are currently available.

Hopefully, as you made your way through this post, at least one of these opportunities resonated with you.  This is an exhilarating time for the deliverability space.  Stay alert, and one of these openings may prove to be the perfect opportunity for you.

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