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Turn-Key Email Solution based on Interspire and PowerMTA

For companies that are just starting out in digital messaging, this recent blog post by my colleague Maarten Oelering of PostMastery truly demonstrates how cost-effective a turn-key email solution can be.  While conducting your due-dillegence there are many options, but few that will provide the necessary components  that will make your in-house solution “best of breed.”  It truly depends on your offering of course, how quickly your intentions are to scale and what features and functionality you’d like to provide. Link to post from postmastery.com

Below has been written by Maarten Oelering of PostMastery.com

If you are considering an in-house email solution there are many options. One direction is to choose is a software vendor that provides all necessary components. The advantage is that the campaign front-end, MTA and bounce/complaint management, is provided as integrated solution.  But these solutions are expensive, often in excess of $50K.

Another direction is to choose the best campaign front-end and the best MTA for the job and integrate them together in a “best-of-breed” solution. Interspire is a very popular front-end and PowerMTA is the MTA used by most ESPs.  This way you can get a professional in-house system for less than $10K.   But you would need additional “glue” components to build an integrated email marketing system.

We have developed an enterprise grade email marketing solution based on Interspire and PowerMTA.  This includes additional components to provide integrated bounce processing and integrated compliant processing.  We also tweaked Interspire to improve it’s ending rate threefold.  To integrate with external databases we developed Interspire add-ons for automatic import of subscribers and automatic export of bounce/open/click data.

This way we provide a “best-of-breed” solution that is more cost effective than single vendor solutions.  Added with our setup and customization services you will get a turn-key email solution that requires no other effort than specifying your needs.  Two companies have already chosen for our solution.  More on their experiences in a later post.

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